Generic Grocery

5 Copper Pence
10 Rations




Britain, Arnold, Nassau, Gorlab
Li'l Karelia's Finnish Grocery
Paws, Owen, Gauntlet, Wheeler
The Brown Bag
Yew, Gerry, Ponder, Brother
Rations Unlimited
Moon, Linda, Clear Lagoon, Dextron
Adventurer's Supply Post
Grey, Snake, Poor, Lost Friends
Exploration Provisioners
Montor, John, Imagination, Bulldozer
Fresh Food Marketplace
Tune, Wolf, Wealth, Turtle
Fastest Freshest Food Market

Note : Food prices are affected by your character's attributes. The 'base price' for buying is what a character with a theoretical Intelligence of 0 would get. Every additional Intelligence point deducts 1% from the item's cost. Therefore, only the 'base price' need be listed here. Prices are rounded down when necessary. Food cannot be sold.