Generic Armor Shop



Leather Armor
50 Copper Pence
Chain Armor
100 Copper Pence
Plate Armor
150 Copper Pence
Vacuum Suit
200 Copper Pence
Reflect Suit
250 Copper Pence




Britain, Arnold, Nassau, Gorlab
The Armor Shop of Lord Eldric D'Charbonneux
Paws, Owen, Gauntlet, Wheeler
The Hammer-n-Anvil
Yew, Gerry, Ponder, Brother
Defense Specialties Unlimited
Moon, Linda, Clear Lagoon, Dextron
Max's Armoury
Fawn, Helen, Stout, Magic
The Iron Fist
Grey, Snake, Poor, Lost Friends
Custom Armor Works

Note : Armor prices are affected by your character's attributes. The 'base price' for buying is what a character with a theoretical Intelligence of 0 would get. Every additional Intelligence point deducts 0.5% from the item's cost. When selling, prices are derived from your Charisma, where every point increases gold received by 0.5%. Therefore, only the 'base prices' need be listed here. Prices are rounded down when necessary.